Fearless. Intrepid. Bold.

This is the meaning of the word, the individuals, and the companies that are Dauntless.

Dauntless, Inc. is filled with people that have worked together on cannabis industry solutions for the last 6 years and previously worked for decades in the technology sector for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, and others. Our team also includes members that have owned and run grow operations, processing facilities and recreational retail stores.

Simply put: We know the industry and we know technology.

Dauntless provides end-to-end solutions for all business units within the cannabis industry: Growers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Laboratories and all ancillary business units, such as legal, CRM, and marketing.

Since Dauntless cannabis business management services were introduced in 2013, Dauntless has brought the cannabis industry a complete suite of scalable, enterprise-quality solutions.

In January 2019, Dauntless launched GIANT (Global Interoperable Application Network Technology), the first and most-comprehensive data network for the cannabis industry.

Together, Dauntless Traceability, Retail, and GIANT work seamlessly with one another to provide businesses of all sizes access to the latest in cannabis business management automation, legal compliancy, and intelligent, predictive data analysis tools.

Working together we can build an industry where everyone wins

Dauntless expertise includes:

  • Providing software solutions for retail, growers, processors, labs, and distribution
  • Developing agile, enterprise software for the cannabis industry’s unique needs
  • Building expansive cannabis business relationships with licensees, technology providers (integrators) and interoperability
  • Providing solutions for business traceability and retail from single facility to multi-location operations domestically; scalable to global businesses
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Dauntless Businesses:

Dauntless Cannabis Industry Infrastructure, Traceability, and Retail Services

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