Dauntless, Inc. provides CRM, seed-to-sale traceability, retail, and point-of-sale (POS) software solutions for all licensed businesses within the cannabis and hemp industries

GIANT Software Services Including Loyalty, Online Menu, CRM, ERP, Business Analytics, Digital Signage, and Payments

CRM (Soro)

CRM, Sales, Inventory Management, and Business Intelligence services designed specifically for Cannabis cultivators and manufacturers. Get your products on to store shelves faster, track past sales and equip your sales team with the tools needed to grow your business.

Manufacturing and Processing Traceability for Cannabis and Hemp

Grow & Manufacture (TraceWeed)

Production management tools that automate your daily tasks and keep you compliant within any State system. Promote clones, manage plants, schedule harvests, and handle product manufacturing easily.

Point of Sale (POS) and Traceability and Compliance Services for Retailers and Dispensaries of Cannabis and Hemp

Retail (Korona)

Point-of-sale, inventory and cash management tools that automate your daily tasks and keep you compliant within any State system. Dauntless integrates with the leading online menu, customer loyalty and digital signage technology to deliver an outstanding customer experience.



GIANT is our Global Interoperable Application Network Technology platform, the first true enterprise solution for legal cannabis. It’s an open platform allowing businesses to connect with service providers (menus, loyalty, analytics, accounting, etc.) and to regulators through a single, universal API.

With our full suite of integrated products, licensed businesses can use a single interface to access integrated features and support services within our platform. Interfaces, features and functionality will be enabled or disabled based on which type (or multiple types) of business needs you have. The services will be able to communicate, invoice, or market across the cannabis industry, with one another, and with all of the various state jurisdictions automatically.

Dauntless Cannabis Industry Infrastructure, Traceability, and Retail Services

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